1. You spend a lot more time being grateful than you once did.
2. You are far less frequently disturbed, angry, or annoyed.
3. When you think about the past, it’s mostly in the context of today’s recovery and tomorrow’s promise.
4.. There are a lot more people in your life – and not only people in the Fellowship. You enjoy your day to day activities and associations.
5. The mention of God or religion no longer makes you uncomfortable. Instead of agonnizing about the big issues or debating the existence of a Supreme Being, you are discovering a quiet assurance that you are loved and that life is a precious gift.
6. Others tell you that you are a lot more tolerant than you used to be; you are more able to allow others to say, do, and be what they wish without affecting you. Very infrequently do you allow someone else to rent space in your head!
7. Gradually, you seem to be discovering real communion with others and with God. Sometimes, at meetings, it’s as if God were speaking through these other, very human men and women who are sharing the wonder of recovery
8. Bit by bit, you have been learning that you can be helpful to others – in AA, to be sure, but also in your family and a larger circle of acquaintances.
9. When you occasionally get off-course and seem to be sliding back, you have resources quickly available to diagnose and resolve the problem. You have people you trust who understand and care about you, and you have those twelve wonderful Steps to a more abundant life in the miracle that is Alcoholics Anonymous.

Bob T., Florida Signs of Sobriety Copyright © Ottawa Area Intergroup, December 2001

Signs of Sobriety