• SIG Officers newly elected this time

PI:                    Edwina

Telephone:     Travis

Probation:      Caroline

ECLO: Not filled   –  Please take this important service post back to group members.

  • Questions for Conference to be finalised on 24/2/19 at Deaf Centre – all welcome. This is your chance to be the conscience of the fellowship as a whole.
  • 2nd Professional Awareness Day to take place in February 2020
  • Committee formed to organise local Mini-Convention for November 2019
  • SIG will no longer hold a collection pot as it is currently against guidelines for it to do so. Your group’s GSR can explain this, if you ask.
  • There are region service posts which need volunteers! Please speak to your GSR!
  • Regional Share Liaison Officer would like you to ask your groups for more Share articles.
  • Following the AA Awareness Day, the importance of Meeters and Greeters was highlighted for passing on to groups.
  • Ask your GSR for the full Minutes.


Severn Intergroup Headlines 20th January 2019