It is that time of Year again!

Severn Intergroup Questions for Conference Meeting will be on the 24th February 2019 at the Gloucester Deaf Centre. So expect your GSR to gather you together so that you may express your opinion on the current issues. This is your opportunity to express your opinions on a range of questions. This group of questions have been selected from a range questions submited by 31st of August last year. You can review these questions in the latest Service News or this PDF.

To help you understand the process you can review the General Service Conference Annual Process map or review this Presentation.

Let me explain what Conference is and explain why it is important to you and your meeting.

The General Service Conference is a gathering of representatives from all Meetings, Intergroups and Regions that meet under the  constitution of the General Service Board of Great Britain. This conference tackles issues that effect Alcoholics Anonymous in Great Britain as a whole.

General Service Conference will convene this year on the 12th – 14th April 2019 where the Questions are delegated to sub committees that discus the issues and come to conclusions. These conclusions are then presented to the conference as a whole, voted on and are accepted or rejected. Those issues that are accepted are developed into the main stream activities and behaviors of AA GB by publication in the AA Service News. The process and purpose is also described in this leaflet. But the inevitabe conclusion is that you have expressed your conscience over the General Service Board of Great Britain.

If you have any issues that you would like to raise then put it into a question form and submit it for consideration at the 2020 General Service Conference by the 31st of August 2019. For more help on formulating a question see this pamphlet.

Questions for Conference 2019