What is the difference between a heavy drinker and an alcoholic?

If you are drinking too much and are suffering negative consequences as a result of your drinking, then you may be suffering from the illness of alcoholism.  Only you can decide.

We in Alcoholics Anonymous strongly believe that alcoholism is an illness, and not a lack of will power.

To get a better understanding of your condition, please pick up the phone and talk to one of our members on our helpline.

We have all been where you are, and found the support that you probably need to put the drink down and stay sober.

Its scary to make that call, or walk into an AA meeting for the first time, it takes courage.  But what have you got to lose?  It worked for us, so why not you?

Newcomers are always welcomed to AA meetings, to see a newcomer recover is the highlight of our lives and a source of great joy for all AA members.

AA members support each other and it is only with this support of our fellows that we began and maintain a recovery that becomes a source of pride and joy for both the suffering alcoholic and their family and friends.

One day at a time, we re-build our lives and regain our self-respect and the respect of our family and community.