About Severn Intergroup

Severn Intergroup serves 62 meetings which convene in Berkley, Cam, Cheltenham, Churchdown, Cirencester, Dursley, Evesham, Forest of Dean, Gloucester, Highnam, Lechlade, Ledbury, Malvern, Nailsworth, Monmouth, Ross-on-Wye, Stonehouse, Stow, Stroud, Tetbury, Tewkesbury, Winchcombe and Worcester.
The purpose of Severn intergroup is to support the constituent groups in their common purpose of carrying the AA message to the still suffering alcoholic and, by using their combined strength and unity, to improve and maintain good relations with all organisations in the community.

The  Definition of Intergroup is set out in the AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain (p87)

Intergroup is comprised of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer assisted by Liaison Officers who hold responsibility in the following areas:
  • Archives
  • Armed Services
  • Electronic Communications
  • Employment/Industry
  • Health Services
  • Probation, Prisons
  • Public Information
  • Share Magazine
  • Telephone Help Line
  • Young People Inc. Schools.

Intergroup is a Committee

The committee members are the appointed officers who have been voted in for a three year term by the majority of Intergroup committee members, who are AA members who have been appointed by their Group as Group Service Representatives (GSRs) who represent the groups that comprise the Intergroup.  A GSR normally has to have a years continuous sobriety, while Officers have at least 2-3 years continuous sobriety.  Our leaders are but trusted servants.

Intergroup meetings are quarterly and conduct the business of managing the responsibilities/functions listed above.

In addition,  other activities are pursued by Intergroup including events such as a Convention where the AA members from the Intergroup area and beyond come together to celebrate success in sobriety and promote unity in the fellowship of AA.
Intergroup also arranges workshops to address issues such as service and outreach programs such as professional days, public Information fairs, telephone service etc.