A year has passed since this website came into being so I thought it appropriate to go over some of the highlights.

When we started out, a year ago, we managed to get 40 to access the website in the first month. Since then it the number increased until last month when we managed to get 500 to visit the site in a  30 days period. It still hovers around that landmark today.

The first publication of our website contained pages from Chiltern & Thames Intergroup (C&T). What is really surprising is that a lot of these pages relate to our primary purpose and receive visits from all over the world. From far away places such as SE Asia, South America, Canada, all over Europe, India. They are all attracted to pages like About AA. To get there the visitor has probably arrived at a point in their lives where they need to consider their relationship with Alcohol. To answer the question they have consulted their browser and came up with a link to our website. This is because google have taken stock of our website and decided that we have a good response to such a question. I would love to take credit for that but I have to recognise the generosity of C&T for that and other pages such as AA Meetings. C&T exhibited this generosity because we have unity in our fellowship’s pursuit of the same Primary Purpose.

That accounts for about 10% of what the website does. An up to date accurate list of meetings that is reproduced on every page as a list of today’s meetings. This is an extract from our complete Directory that is accessible from the menu.  Numerous other sections include Daily Reflection, Mailing list Subscription form and an article on Internet Safety that was penned by David B (of C&T at that time). beneath that there are some AA links and a Download section. By the way the most popular download is the 7th Public Information Service News, this was published in the month of July and achieved 32 downloads.

The first two sections on the menu is dedicated to the newcomer. They are Am I an Alcoholic? and the previously mentioned About AA. It is important that we should prioritise their needs above all else so they contain a pdf AA starter kit (Who Me?). Right alongside there is the meeting Directory followed by the Contact Page. This page is a means of contacting any of the Intergroup Officers or Liaison Officers. The Contact page will shortly be expanded by the inclusion of GSR emails for each group fulfilling a promise made when this website was set up.

The Intergroup page is a collection of pages specifically to do with activities around the Intergroup. This collection includes a Calendar, an Online Pink Form and pages relating to Liaison Officer activities. Lastly an events page that is a collection of events that may interest the members of this Intergroup.

I started this celebration by being inclusive in stating that we did this or that. A point that I want to make in closing is that this is not mine, it is ours, It belongs to the meetings and the members. So I am extending an invitation for you to partake in the future of this website. It is open to anybody that would like to contribute in whatever form, you do not have to be a technical wizard, just have a passion for this fellowship. Contact me at ecomm.severn@aamail.org.

Our website is another means of reaching out to the Still Suffering Alcoholic and lots of other things. I have sat in meetings where people have come along because they saw the details of the meeting on our website. The Website can be a hub around which the Intergroup can evolve, it can be many things, it can be anything that relates to passing our message but it needs you to be engaged.




Happy Birthday!