Clare H Commemorates 8 Years in AA

8 years ago today, I finally admitted defeat, I surrendered to my addiction and decided I would go to any lengths to stay sober.  I put my family through hell for many, many years and ended up desperate and alone, but I had to stop for me, there is no point trying to stop for any other reason.  I had to want this above anything else.
From that day to this, I have not taken a drink and one day at a time I have stayed sober.  With that sobriety I now have a whole new life, I have everything I ever dreamed of and its all because I do not pick up that first drink on a daily basis.
I often get asked why I am so vocal about my recovery and why I am so open about it.  Well that’s simple, I have a gift of recovery and I don’t want to keep it for myself.  By me being honest, I can, in turn help others.  If that person then sees someone who has a “normal” life without alcohol in it, maybe I will inspire them to stop.
This illness is cruel, it takes away everything from us, but it doesn’t have to be like that.  The stigma of alcoholism is huge and if I can help beak that I will.  I don’t care, it’s an illness and there is a solution, you just have to WANT to change and break the cycle.
This year is the biggest milestone in my journey.  My beautiful daughter was 8 when I got sober.  Therefore every day from now on that I am sober in her life is more than I was drunk.  This truly is a miracle and makes it the most special day I’ve celebrated so far.  Every day is a plus, if I stay sober one day at a time, she will always continue to have more time in her life of me in recovery than not.
We lose so much in alcoholism but in recovery we have so much more.  I’m still crazy, I still go wild, but I don’t need alcohol to do that.  I found my talent in my recovery and look at me now!  It’s amazing to look back and see how far I’ve come in just 8 years, and that drives me forward every single day.
Today, I’m honest, hardworking, loyal and committed and I love feeling like this.  Why would I ever want to go back?  I’d lose it all in the flick of a switch.
If you are struggling please reach out, you can’t do this on your own.
Clare H.