Severn Intergroup hold a collection of documents that form an Archive. We have our own Archavist who records these documents for future generations. The Archive ia already extensive and will be converted into a usable, online collection that all can use but the archive is not, at this time, complete. there are considerable gaps in our Archive so the archaivist requests that any members with documents in their possession are asked to contact the Archavist to review if your documents can add to the completeness of our Archive.

The Archive is a valuable resource, not only for our Intergroup but for the Alcoholic movement in general, both in this country and elsewhere.

Report from Archive Sub-Committee

15th-16th February 2019 at GSO York


Dear friends,

On Friday prior to the sub-committee meeting me, along with Clive our Trustee for Archives, Roger (General Secretary), Ranjan (General Secretary elect), Nigel (Chair GSB) and Emma from GSO attended a meeting at the Borthwick Institute at York University.

Also in attendance from the University were James Neill (Project Archivist) and Amanda Jones (Archivist, York University).


The purpose of the meeting was for James and Amanda to update us on the progress of the project to date. These meetings will now be held prior to all Sub-Committee meetings.

So far James has surveyed 421 archive boxes and 285GB of hard drive material and has made contact with Michelle Mirza who is GSO Archivist for North America.

There is a considerable amount of material from North America such as literature, various publications and directories. A decision will need to be made as to the relevance of the material at some point in the future.


At present there appears to be a level of duplication between physical material and documents on the hard drive. James will continue with this work and continue to report back to the Project Committee at regular intervals. We have been encouraged by the enthusiasm and level of understanding he has already gained regarding the fellowship and we were able to answer many of the questions he had.

This is, of course very early in the project, however we were encouraged by the progress so far.


In September of this year we plan to hold a 1 day Archives Seminar (more of this later) at which James will be invited to speak and to answer any questions you may have on the project so far.


At the Archive Sub-Committee in the afternoon we briefed everybody of the progress so far. As has been previously stated this will be a 3 year project so understandably everybody has questions. The sub-committee will endeavor to answer any of these questions in due course. We intend to keep you all fully informed when we have information to pass on.


There continues to be vacancies on the Archive Sub-Committee. We currently have 4 vacancies with a further 2 expected in June 2020. The work involves up to 4 committee meetings per year to be held at GSO, please see AA Service news for further information or you can email any of the sub-committee for further details.


The sub-committee invited the Webmaster (Gregg) to clear up a misunderstanding as to why the fellowship archivist could not have access the Filestore on the website. He explained that access was for the individual regions to access within their own web pages.

Gregg was very helpful and informative as to the new website which will be rolled  out shortly and gave us valuable advice as to what we, as archivists, could put on the website in future,

Clive, the trustee for archives is going to ask for more space to be made available to us so that we can store more images and improve the time line feature on the website. As a result of this information sharing with the webmaster we expect further progress to be made during the coming months.


As stated earlier we are planning a 1 day seminar to run alongside our Network meeting in September.

Planning is in the early stages, however, we are hoping to have talks from James Neill regarding the Borthwick Project, Gregg and Norman to speak on all matters regarding Electronic Communications as well as presentations from the Kelvingrove Exhibition and Magical History Tours. There will also be time made available for all Archivists attending to share best practice.

After each presentation we anticipate allocating enough time for questions which I’m sure you will all have.

To raise the profile of the Archives we are hoping to invite members from other disciplines to share their experience and hope that you can do your bit by contributing articles for   Share/Roundabout and AA Service News.

We are also hoping to have the Kelvingrove Exhibition available for the NNC in Blackpool and have it in some form, along with the Magical History Tour exhibit on display in the new Archive Room once the room has been cleared and we are able to move from downstairs.


The sub-committee has split up the regions and allocated a sub-committee member to be the first point of contact for any further communications. These are as follows:

Clive K: Eastern, London North & London South

Jim S: Eastern Scotland & Highlands and Islands

Martin B: Scotia, Glasgow & SW Scotland

John C: North East, South Midlands & Midlands

Joanna B: South East, South West & Wales and Borders

Harry R: North West & Continental Europe.

We, the sub-committee will share any information we have with you regarding upcoming events and will endeavor to answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact the Sub-Committee members who is responsible for your area.


Finally, the new Archive Policy and Procedures manual has been updated and is now on the website.


In Fellowship


Harry R

Fellowship Archivist.