Alcohol Awareness Month occurs in November. Whilst Intergroup are engaged in their own campaign to inform Professionals  of Alcoholics Anonymous activities it cannot be understated that most of the work is done at Meeting level for Alcohol Awareness Month. Groups are invited to hold open meetings throughout the month, with the participation of Al-Anon, where possible. Populate these events through coordination with your local Authorities. Places that are usually receptive to notice of these events are Public Libraries, Doctors Surgeries, Police Stations, Council offices, or any other Public Body.

Alcoholics Anonymous is not a secret society. We must make our presence known within the community to help the Still Suffering Alcoholic. Campaigns such as this are a step up in that effort but some of the contacts that are made have a direct relevance to your future visibility. When you make contact with these public body’s it is wise to develop relationships so that useful contact can be maintained. Encourage your group to have a Public Information strategy for your community. Engage with the Intergroup Public Information Liaison and discover what assistance is available from the larger AA organisation.

Finally can I recommend that you review the latest PI News as it has a press release that can be utilised for your local publications. Please review and supply contact details where appropriate. If you need a Anonymous email address please contact

Alcohol Awareness Month